Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eats and Reads

I'm sorry I haven't blogged!
I've been SO busy!

Now that we've got that blogging cliche out of the way, here's an update on my life.

Let's start with vegetarianism, because that's where the fun's at (pronounced "funzat").

In the interest of full disclosure, you must know something. Eet's a seeeecret. Come clooooooser.

I accidentally ate meat last week.


My friend Hannah makes the most delicious little cream cheese tortilla roll ups. I am a big fan of anything that has no basis in nutritional value whatsoever, so I've always enjoyed those little puppies. She brought them to a picnic, and I was all CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP! After having eaten three, I noticed the meat. I mean, it wasn't camouflaged. It was all up in the tortilla roll-up, and yet, in my meat-crazed stupor, I didn't even notice.

I felt bad for 3.652 seconds, then I moved on with my life. I'm still committed to sticking to vegetarianism for the summer, but to be honest, I miss meat. Every kind of meat. My friend B. mentioned Steak-Umm on her Facebook status yesterday, and I probably would have traded my kidney for a big ol' Steak-Umm with cheese and onions after reading it. Not a sign that the vegetarian lifestyle is perfect for me.

Also, I recently drove past a poster that said "WORK SHOP", and I almost wrecked my car because I thought it said "PORK CHOP". Let's be honest. I'm a carnivore to the core.

Now, the greets.

Things with The Editor continue smoothly...but he keeps me guessing. I suppose this is a good thing, because otherwise I'd get bored. (I bore easily, with such things as hobbies, self-improvement ideas, and blogs.) Anywho, he seems to be into me, and the more I think about it, the more I'm into him. But I'm reserving judgment. I'm trying to keep the insane commitmentphobe in check, lest I terrify the poor man.

This weekend, we went to Panera and Barnes and Noble. We sat at Barnes and Noble--in the Cafe--and read magazines. And didn't talk. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that? No? Well, let me tell you a little story.

The librarian of my elementary school and her husband were frequently spotted around local restaurants for brunch or an early dinner on Sundays. I know this, because my family was frequently spotted around said local restaurants. They'd come in, each with a book in hand, and proceed to read their books--independantly--while their meal progressed. As a person who was constantly (CONSTANTLY) being punished for reading at the dinner table, I made up my mind then and there that the perfect relationship would involve separate reading of separate magazines/books at meals. I don't want to talk about your day. We can do that while we're driving to the restaurant, or while we're cooking dinner, or while we're grocery shopping for what we're going to eat. While we're eating, we will read. We will read, and occasionally share intriguing or well-written portions of what we're reading, but generally speaking, we will just read and enjoy some quiet time.

I'm not proud. I like to read and eat at the same time. It's my thing.

Does this make me antisocial? Perhaps. But you have no idea how much something like this appeals to a person who was grounded for sneaking a beat-up, old 1976 Reader's Digest under her napkin during her grandma's birthday dinner, just so she could read Drama in Real Life.

Hm...maybe not antisocial. Maybe just unspeakably nerdy.


  1. Yay! You're back. I have missed knowing what is going on in your life. Maybe we should just hang out sometime so I don't have to wait anxiously for you to post a blog?

  2. I'm so ridiculously happy to read your blog! This is the most fun evah! Would love to linky from my blog. But be warned. You may get like one extra hit. Be sure that the servers are ready to handle the load.